What is Helical Wire & How To Insert Helical Thread Inserts?

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The helical wire is just like a general wire that comes with a non-circular, cross-sectional shape and has an orientation that heli-coil varies along the length of the wire. It is commonly used for spikes, concrete reinforcement, and non-skid gratings, etc.

The helical wire is also known as the EZ coil or Helicoil. It is a coiled threaded insert that is mounted into a certain part to provide correct threads for an original fastener. A small-diameter steel spring wire is formed into a continuous helical spring shape;this is used for connecting individual spring coils in an innerspring formation.

Installing of helical wire thread inserts

When it comes to installing helical wire thread inserts, then here we ought to know how helical inserts work actually. This versatile coiled wire insert principally works as a thread repair solution for numerous applications.

It makes internal screw strings for enduring a fasten. We offer a helical enhancement with a broader expansiveness making a liberated from any perilous application that holds locking power over a couple of gatherings.

This item is very helpful for perpetual stringing, and appropriate for various temperature conditions. Likewise, it gives a helpful method to fix shaky strings with materials including; aluminum, wood, plastic, magnesium, and zinc.

The helical wire threaded inserts have a diamond-shaped cross-section with 60-degree threads towards the inside, and specially designed threads on the outer ring, this holds the grip on hole walls

Steps to Install Helical Inserts

  • Drill the opening, at that point tap it
  • String the addition into an opening with the assistance of the establishment device.
  • If your expansion has a prong, cut off the prong using a punch or cut-off instrument.


Following are the major, yet common applications of helical wire threads. Let’s see in which different industries it is widely used;

  • Transit products
  • Plant engineering
  • Aerospace industry
  • Defense industry
  • Electrical engineering
  • Medical industry

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