Do you want a perfect installation for your work? The Keenserts, known as key lock inserts, offer a robust and permanent thread in the feebler parent material. These easy-to-install and takeaway tools are commonly beneficial for repairing lines on ferrous, non-ferrous, or non-metallic alloys like aluminum and magnesium. Key lock inserts are also for use in brittle resources like cast iron and malleable.

Moreover, these Key locking thread inserts are obtainable in carbon, and stainless steel, both inch and measured series, and are inserted in Thin wall, Heavy Duty styles. Containing a key-locking action that stops rotation due to vibration or torsion. So, let’s look at these inserts in detail


  • Installed with standard drills and taps
  • Security bored internal thread on Inch Series; countersunk internal thread on Metric Series
  • May be helpful in a variety of materials: magnesium, aluminum cold-rolled steel
  • Easy installation and to eliminate
  • Passivated to increase corrosion resistance and finish

Types of Threaded Inserts

There are three types of Key Lock inserts as they are highly versatile and helpful for durable work. Let’s look at the three types:

  • Heavy Duty Key Inserts: it is ideal for heavy-duty work. It has a thick, heavy-duty thread wall and is appropriate for most tenders.
  • Thin wall Key Inserts: Have a lesser OD thread size than usual and heavy-duty key inserts. These parts are perfect for use in close-fitting spaces where less pull-out strength is tolerable.
  • Solid Key Inserts: These key inserts have a compact base and are perfect for moving a drilled or tapped hole.

All three differences of key inserts are accessible in stainless steel and steel differences. These resources provide more considerable strength to strengthen lower-grade metal threads. Stainless steel is a perfect material for erosion resistance in sensitive applications.

Now you can buy them online through a reliable supplier if you’re unsure which sized eased insert is suitable for your application. Each case comprises an assortment of insert sizes and fitting tools in inch and metric in your high-quality thread style.

Benefits of Threaded Inserts

Threaded inserts are beneficial in the repair and building of work holders. Underneath are some of the explanations. Key inserts are an operative solution for manufactures:

  • They are helpful to strengthen a variety of weaker thread materials, counting aluminum and magnesium
  • They are consistent and can stand up to demanding wear and high vibration
  • Threaded inserts are obtainable in a wide assortment of metric and inch sizes to contest your application

Distinctive Applications:

  • MRO Tasks
  • Machinery, Small Engines
  • Trucks, RVs
  • Molds, Tool and Die

Key locking Threaded Insert Remove:

You can easily remove and install these inserts, but how? Let’s look at how you can remove these inserts without parent material damage.

1) Drill solid between keys and internal thread with an ordinary drill to a stated depth.

2) Curve the keys inward and break off.

3) Eliminate the old insert using a screw cartridge extractor or similar device.

4) Connect a spare insert into the selected initial hole and drive keys down.

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