The Helicoil or Helical Wire Thread Inserts is non-circular with a universal cross-sectional shape with an orientation that helical varies beside the wire length. It is mainly helpful for concrete reinforcement,  threaded nails, spikes, and nonskid gratings, etc.  Also, these helical wires help in restoring tapped holes permanently, which frequently get dented or stripped due to over-torquing. The supplements are accurately framed curls of amazingly hard jewel molded wire.

Here are some of the wire thread’s benefits, application, and functioning, making it an appropriate choice for your applications like plant engineering, electrical, defense, and many others.

What is the function of a helical wire?

The helical wire is helpful for enduring threading and is also multipurpose to use for varying temperature conditions. Also, it offers the best way to repair insecure threads using materials like; aluminum, wood, magnesium, plastic, and zinc.

You need to drill the hole and tap it for drilling Helical wire or inserts. After this, using the installation tool, thread the insert into a hole if you’re going to add a prong, divided the prong using a punch, or cut the instrument.

Benefits and applications of helical wire

the best Helical Wire Thread is available in the market with new designs, improve performance, and enhanced quality. Moreover, these high-quality inserts offer a higher performance thread that removes the threads and boosts the parent material’s quality, especially when there is a weight issue. Here are some benefits of this wire Helical Wire.

1. Strength

It increases strength and flexibility, significantly improves load-bearing capacity, and advances residual stress distribution—also, the projects upon the power of shorter and smaller threads in low strength alloys.

2. Corrosion Resistance

It is galling even at high temperatures, has excellent corrosion resistance, and preventing adverse seizing. Also, useful for several applications involving subject to galvanic corrosion effects and simple corrosive conditions. It is appropriate for surface coatings, such as Cadmium, Zinc, Aluminum, Silver, and Molybdenum Disulphide.

3. Temperature Range

It has a high-temperature range and is appropriate for operation within temperatures extending from -160ºC to +420ºC or -320ºF to + 800ºF. Furthermore, it is valid for extreme and higher temperatures. Also, the wire thread inserts are composed of creep-resistant Nickel based alloys.

4. Cost and Weight Benefits

Helical Wire Thread Inserts are cost-effective and lightweight than any other equivalent fastener. Additionally, they are dense, and without any difficulty, they are incorporated into existing designs. You can use them without any sacrifice on the thread strength on lighter parent material.

5. Wear Resistance

They have the best combination of material hardness (RC43-50) and have a brilliant surface finish, which means wire thread inserts yield internal threads that reduce friction-induced thread erosion.

Uses of Helical Wire Thread Inserts

indifferent industries it has a variety of countless benefits, and are preferred in various applications which includes:

  • Electrical engineering
  • Medical industry
  • Plant engineering
  • Aerospace industry
  • Automotive industry
  • Telecommunications
  • Transit products
  • Defense industry

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