The Advantage And Use Of Key Lock Insert

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Whether you’re setting a large or out-of-place hole or want to complete a repair on original gear (OEM), the key lock insert tool is the perfect fastener for repairing damaged threads.

Key locking inserts are pre-assembled with superior keys that lock the key locking inserts into place to eliminate rotation and vibration even in heavy-duty uses unconditionally. Contingent on the tread size, key-locking inserts are obtainable with two or four key locks, either with regular or self-locking thread. Key locking inserts are highly durable and withstand many loosening and tightening cycles without thread stripping.

Key Lock Insert Tool is highly beneficial and has numerous advantages as they are easy to install and more lasting compared to other locks. So, people nowadays prefer using these insert as compare to other.  Here are some of the benefits and uses of these highly versatile inserts, making our work more manageable.

Advantages of Key Locking Inserts

Key Locking Inserts are perfect for reinforcing stripped, repairing, damaged, and worn threads in the parent material. Once installed, key-locking inserts deliver solid and permanent threads in nearly any substantial and are interchangeable with other brands of inserts and tooling. The locking keys stop rotation due to trembling or torsion. Moreover, these inserts are easily accessible, and you can easily shop for a variety of key locking inserts, including the thin wall, extra heavy-duty, heavy-duty, and solid.

If you’re deciding among a key locking insert or another insert, the previous has some significant benefits. The risk of using a helically threaded insert increases due to the tang design of the material at the bottom of the key lock insert that is the catch point for the installation tool. After installation, the tang is wrecked off and can end up unattached in the chassis of your use. In precise applications, this can source an electrical short or another breakdown. Moreover, it is highly beneficial as there is no risk of a tang or other fastener component ending up loose in the framework, making it a safer, more safe solution.

In addition to being resilient and robust, key-locking inserts also have the advantage of being installed using specific tools or by hand—there’s no want for a pre-winder tool. Even better? With key-locking inserts, cross-threading is nearly impossible. Other benefits of these inserts are:

  • It has easy installation
  • It is highly durable
  • It repairs damaged threads
  • It has pre-assembled key locks


These inserts are perfect for moving plugging holes, misplaced holes, salvaging expensive castings, or filling in too big gaps. Key locking inserts are outstanding for reinforcing softer materials, like magnesium or aluminum, and can be used in uncountable other resources, including cast iron, cold-rolled steel, and even plastic.

Some of the most common key-locking insert applications include:

  • They are helpful for trucking
  • It is helpful RVs
  • It is beneficial for molds
  • It is applicable for tool and dies
  • They are appropriate and ideal for heavy machinery
  • This key-locking are preferred for small engines

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