A pneumatic tool for rivet nut is air-powered. It works when the air is pressured by a shop air compressor that allows the hydraulic oil to create enough force to upset/install the fastener forcefully. Pneumatic tools for Rivet Nut are ideal for high-volume projects and applications.

They permit a faster rivet nut insertion process and make the process much convenient and lessen operator fatigue that people usually face when using manual tools. As a result, they are the source of compressed air for operation.

Let’s look at rivet nut pros and cons along with its characteristics and features.

Features and Characteristics of Pneumatic Rivet Nut

The rivet nut is highly versatile and offers a great range of application due to high-tech features such as:

  • It has a Single-stage trigger.
  • They have handle rivet sizes ranging from 6-32 to 3/8-16 and M3 to M10.
  • These advance air-powered have auto-reverse with manual reverse bypass.
  • It has a two to three-second cycle time.
  • The mandrel is an economical, readily available socket head cap screw.
  • They also comprise a quick-change mandrel.
  • They have a pulling force of 90 PSI.
  • Weight = 4.2 lbs.

Pros And Cons Of Rivet Nut Guns

Pros Of Air Rivet Guns

They are ideal for some battery-powered and cordless rivet guns. They have many benefits depending upon uses and applications like

  • The heaviest model weighs up to 12 pounds, which has an extremely lightweight construction and is handled efficiently.
  • It doesn’t need a replacing battery or rechargeable power source.
  • You don’t need to place the physical stress on it as it eases you by following a simple process to attach rivets, unlike a riveting manual tool. It allows users to set numerous fasteners in less period.
  • These devices are high quality is riveting as it brings a precision addon every time with little effort.

Cons of Air Rivet Guns

Pneumatic Tool For Rivet Nut has some drawbacks, so it is not applicable for every application. There few application you can use them. Here are some air rivet gun disadvantages.

  • It has a specific range and is suitable for remote work. It will go as far as air hoses will take them, making it not that flexible.
  • They are complicated, tricky, and expensive repairs. It wants an operator and professional for repairs to your equipment.
  • They are usually tightening fasteners for a longer life span, and they also require maintenance, such as oiling the tool.
  • Guarantee that the compressor must be at the proper pressure always to make it work appropriately and effectively.

Common Uses

Air rivet guns are widely used in the aerospace and automotive industries. Usually, these are used to operate the assembly line and tight spaces. They are convenient and fast yet are the most potent solution to riveting.

Other than this, they prefer construction and metal fabrication. Also, it provides efficiency in the home handyman that can benefit from the simplicity. Rivets add a nice aesthetic effect and full fill plenty of practical household needs. And require minimal effort to complete the work.

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