Key Lock Insert Tool


Get the standard Key Lock Insert Tool from us!

Are you concern about the misplaced hole or original equipment or want a complete repair? The key lock insert tool is the perfect fastener for fixing your broken threads.

The key locking insert tool is a reliable and single-piece insert. It is threaded both internally and externally, which offers a positive mechanical lock to prevent rotation, resulting in vibration or torsion, also known as keysert.

Here are four main styles of key locking inserts.

  • Thin Wall inserts are perfect for tight spaces where less pullout strength is required.
  • Heavy Duty inserts are ideal for removing bolts regularly and for mating stud removal.
  • Extra Heavy Duty inserts best with materials with lesser ultimate shear strength.
  • Solid inserts perfect for relocating misplaced holes and plugging holes.

Uses of the Key Lock Insert Tool

Shanghai Elite Fastener provides the best quality of key lock insert tool suitable for reinforcing softener materials, including magnesium, cast iron, aluminum, cold-rolled steel, and even plastic. We offer the best right key lock insert for your repair. Here are some uses of it:

  • Trucking
  • RVs
  • Molds
  • Tool and die
  • Heavy machinery
  • Small engines

Advantages of Key Locking Inserts

Some advantages will help you to decide between a key locking insert or another insert. The first, foremost advantage is that the critical locking insert prevents the tang and other fastener components, ending up loose in the chassis as it makes it more secure and safer to use.

It is also more durable and robust; key-locking inserts also benefit from being installed using standard tools or by hand as it requires fewer efforts, and there’s no need for a pre-winder tool. With key-locking inserts, cross-threading is nearly impossible.

Features of Key Locking Inserts

We offer the best product for you, so what are you waiting for? Shop now! The best quality of key locking inserts and enjoy the spectacular features which include:

  • Easy Installation.
  • They are installed with standard drills and taps.
  • No pre-winder is required in its drilling.
  • No tang break-off.
  • Preventing rotation due to vibration or torsion provides a positive mechanical lock.
  • It is used in most materials including, magnesium, cast iron, cold-rolled steel, aluminum, and plastic.
  • Provide higher strength and reliability and provide max range of pullout strength.
  • It can break grade eight bolts in test after test.
  • It is removed easily.
  • No special skills are required as it is installed in minutes without any expertise and lengthy procedure.