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Get the best tapping inserts at an economical price!

Shanghai Elite Fastener, the best tapping inserts suppliers that offer the best solution for soft and medium-hard material threads, which suffer damage due to repeated stresses. We suggested a solution to overcome your problem by providing you the best self tapping insert at a low price as over-molded threaded and helical wire threads are a little bit expensive. We serve the best quality self tapping insert with more than ten years’ quick response and economic prices.

Our self tapping threads behave like tapping screws, and it creates its thread inside the part and can be screwed directly into the previously drilled hole very smoothly. We recommend the self tapping inserts for assembly using aluminum as the galvanic corrosion between the two materials is eliminated by surface treatment. Our self tapping insert is made from metals and creates a standard external and standard thread based on two factors.

  • The external thread is truncated
  • There are two sharp-edged slits

Moreover, we offer inserts that don’t require any pre-tapping and are there is no play between the insert and the part. Also, they have perfect fastening of the self-tapping insert, which are safer to use and have very high resistance to pull-out forces with 30 to 40 percent of overlap. Additionally, it helps you to eliminate tapping wear.

Advantages and effect tapping insert

We are the best tapping Inserts suppliers, which provide 100 percent improved quality of the tapping inserts used as thread. Here of some advantages of using them:

  1. A threaded insert by the self-tapping insert sleeve is shaped and then rooted in the base material
  2. You can tap the thread yourself without using any taps to reduce working hours and reduce the cost
  3. It has a quick and straightforward installation, as long as a loading tool has a low price and low defect rate
  4. It also has a good bonding density if the base material contains bubbles
  5. It is threaded bushings of the same size that can be applied to various materials, which is economical
  6. Available in a variety of materials, types, specifications for the application
  7. It can prevent the thread from loosening
  8. With self-tapping thread, the sleeve can continue to use the original size screws
  9. It has a strong tensile strength

Applications for the tapping inserts

  • Electrical Cabinet
  • Car headlight
  • Aluminum casing

Self Tapping Thread Inserts Installation Information

Two methods do tapping by hands as well as the machine

Installing by hand

  • First, do the drilling on the old hole with a core drill
  • Screw-threaded inserts onto the installation tool with the hole on the downside. After that, use a spanner to locks in place with the lock nut
  • Screw-in the thread insert into the hole
  • Screw the installation tool out and loosen the lock nuts with a spanner

Installation on a machine

  • Drill out the hole with the help of a machine
  • After drilling, set the machine and do the machine’s positioning, and set the device to the screw in depth. Then turn the outer sleeve so that the stop pin makes contact
  • Screw-in the thread insert and allow the engine to run until the threaded insert is screwed into the work-piece
  • Screw the tool out and counters the thread insert


 Q.1)  What are self-tapping inserts?

The self tapping insert cuts its thread when screwed into a plain hole of a metal sheet. This threaded insert is widely considered for using aluminum as the galvanic consumption between two materials which are restricted by surface treatment.

Also,self tapping inserts are highly suitable for creating wear-resistant, and vibration-proof fastenings in materials with low shear strength, such as; bronze, brass, aluminum, cast iron or duo, and thermoplastics. It further helps in removing tapping wear.

Q.2) What is the function of a self-tapping insert?

The self–tapping insert has three bores that help in empowering thread strength. It has the main feature of “self-tapping”. It doesn’t need to use a tap to machine the bottom hole thread; rather it only needs to the pre-drill bottom hole, and then install it directly with the help of the installation tool.

 Q.3) How to use a self-tapping insert?

Using a self-tapping insert is as simple as tapping a thread, or pouring a self-tapping screw. It needs to drill a right size hole and driver tool for applying insert. Next, both insert thread and driver are positioned over the hole, embed is driven (turned) home and the driver is eased off, leaving the insert installed completely.

Q.4) What is the difference between a tapping insert & keensert?

The Keensert is a solid threaded bushing-style insert that is widely available in standard dimension metric and inch sizes. It comprises keys that lock the insert with the work piece at the time of installation.

While, for using tapping inserts, you’ve to screw the thread insert on the installation tool using a slot or hole downwards, and lock it in place with a locknut using a spanner. Place the work piece under the machine, set the machine to the screw in depth. Turn the outer sleeve to let the stop pin become accessible and carry the sleeve when it starts screwing.

To conclude, keensert is quicker and user-friendly than tapping insert.

Q.5) What is the difference between a key lock insert &a self-tapping insert?

The key-locking inserts can be self-locking, or non-locking internally (it depends, but usually it comes in non-locking standard, and thus sufficient for the majority of applications). The inserts with an internal self-locking feature are intended to design for locking bolt securely when it is entered into the insert within few turns.

On other hand, the self-tapping insert is a threaded insert that cuts its thread while screwing into a plain hole of a metal sheet.

Q.6) In which industries a tapping insert use?

The self tapping or tapping insert threads are frequently used in housing, plastic casings, and parts to create a metal thread (stainless steel or brass) this enable screws to be used in assembling consumer electronics products such as; fridge, and television.

As we discussed before,self–tapping embeds are profoundly appropriate for making wear-safe, and vibration-confirmation fastenings in materials with low shear strength, for example, bronze, metal, aluminum, cast iron, or couple, and thermoplastics.

Q.7) How to Choose the Right Tapping Insert supplier?

It takes thorough research, contacts, and time to approach the right and reliable tapping insert supplier as many are available online, or via any trading platform, but they can’t assure to provide you quality products. Secondly, you don’t need to approach any other fastener when you’re already landed as a leading supplier yourself! Yes, Shield fastener can provide you the bulk of tapping inserts in the best quality.