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All you need to know about the best Helical Wire Thread Inserts!

Want to increase the reliability of your application and remove a stripped threads? So make sure to use a helical wire thread inserts. We are the best helical wire thread supplier, serving with for ten years the best-refined quality products.

A helical wire thread insert is a coiled wire insert that serves as a thread repair solution with endless applications. It creates internal screw threads for accepting a fastener. We offer a helical insert with a broader diameter creating a safe and secure application that retains locking torque over several assemblies.

Moreover, our product is more substantial, beneficial for permanent threading, and suitable for varying temperature conditions. Additionally, it will provide you a convenient way to repair the unprotected threads with material including plastic, aluminum, wood, magnesium, and zinc.

Further, they will prevent the threaded hole’s wear, lengthening the lifespan, heat-resistance solution, and boost the application’s integrity.

Types of helical inserts

There are four types of helical inserts such as:

  • A tanged-Free Running is exceptionally flexible and made of stainless steel to resist corrosion under everyday environments.
  • Tangless Free Running is also flexible but without the tang. This insert includes a unique insert-driving notch to complete the installation.
  • Tanged Screw Lock is flexed outward and can retain torque, particularly ideal for vibration-intensive environments.
  • Tangless Screw Lock is there without the tang. This insert includes a unique insert-driving notch to complete the installation.

Uses of Helical Wire Thread Inserts

It has a variety of countless uses in different industries, which includes:

  • Plant engineering
  • Electrical engineering
  • Aerospace industry
  • Transit products
  • Medical industry
  • Defense industry
  • Telecommunications
  • Automotive industry

Benefits and applications of helical wire

Our main products include Helical wire thread inserts, self-tapping thread inserts, key lock insert, and rivet nuts. We make sure to maintain the best Helical Wire Thread Supplier position by incorporating new designs, improve performance, and enhanced quality.

Moreover, our inserts provide a higher performance thread that boosts the parent material’s strength and quality and removes the threads, especially when there is a weight issue. Here are some benefits and applications for using our products.

1. Strength

It increases flexibility, significantly enhances load-bearing capacity, and improved the distribution of residual stress—also, the designs created upon the strength of shorter and smaller threads in low strength alloys.

2. Corrosion Resistance

We offer excellent corrosion resistance, galling even at elevated temperatures and preventing adverse seizing. They are used for several applications involving subject to galvanic corrosion effects and severe corrosive conditions. It is applicable for surface coatings, such as Zinc, Cadmium, Aluminum, Silver, and Molybdenum Disulphide.

3. Temperature Range

Our product has a high-temperature range and is suitable for operation within temperatures ranging from -160ºC to +420ºC or -320ºF to + 800ºF. Moreover, it is applicable for extreme and elevated temperatures. Also, the wire thread inserts are made from creep resistant Nickel based alloys.

4. Cost and Weight Benefits

Helical Wire Thread Inserts are lightweight and are cost-effective than any other equivalent fastener. Further, they are compact and easily incorporated into existing designs.

You can use them on lighter parent material without any sacrifice on the thread strength.

5. Wear Resistance

They have a brilliant surface finish and have the best combination of material hardness (RC43-50), which means wire thread inserts produce internal threads that eliminate friction-induced thread erosion.



Q.1) What is a helical wire thread?

The Helicoil or helical wire is non-circular with a general cross-sectional shape with an orientation that helical varies along the wire length. It is mainly used for spikes, threaded nails, concrete reinforcement, and nonskid gratings, etc.

The helical wires are used for restoring tapped holes permanently, which often gets damaged or stripped due to over-torquing. The supplements are accurately framed curls of amazingly hard jewel molded wire.

Q.2) What is the function of a helical wire?

The helical wire is helpful for permanent threading and is also versatile to use for varying temperature conditions. Also, it provides the best way to repair insecure threads using materials like; wood, aluminum, plastic, magnesium, and zinc.

For drilling Helical wire, or inserts; you just need to drill the hole, tap it. After this, thread the insert into a hole using the installation tool. If you’re going to add a prong, split the prong using a punch or cut the instrument.

Q.3) What are the main benefits of a helical wire thread?

The most striking advantage of using helical wire due to which it is widely demanded by leading engineers worldwide is, it helps in repairing or reinforcing screw threads in soft alloy components. It also ensures high-strength threads which help in transferring forces from flank to flank into holding a thread

Besides, Helicoil is quite affordable as compared to other required wires, and thread inserts.


Q.4) How to choose the right helical wire thread supplier?

To get the right and reliable helical wire supplier, you’ll need to invest time in thorough research, as many suppliers are available online, but they can’t assure to provide you quality products. Shelite fastener is the leading helical wire supplier. We can provide you wide variety of helical wires in bulk quantity, and best quality.


Q.5) How do you use wire thread inserts?

The wire threaded inserts contains threads on the outside and inside. The addition is strung into a pre-tapped opening, or a few supplements tap their own strings in a bored or formed opening. It is then moored by different methods, for example, a nylon locking component.

Q.6) What is a HeliCoil used for?

A helical wire thread insert is a coiled wire insert that mainly serves as a thread repair solution for plenty of applications. It makes inward screw strings for tolerating a clasp. We offer a helical supplement with a more extensive breadth making a free from any danger application that holds locking force more than a few congregations.

Q.7) How to install a helical wire thread?

Installing helical wire thread is just a four quick step procedure including; drill the hole first, then tap the drilled hole for creating threads. Third, load an addition into a hand establishment apparatus and introduce. At last, break off the tang instrument. Your opening is currently prepared for secure, and perpetual joining.

Q.8) Are helicoils stronger?

Yes, Helicoil is stronger, but only if fitted well. It has been often seen that it didn’t fit well, and thus torque down by even expert installers. However, a helical wire has been in use and is widely demanded for a long time for its incredible function, and versatile use provided that it’s properly installed and torqued to specification without incident.