Key lock insert is ideal for precision engineering, mechanical, aerospace, and aviation. Key locking inserts are the perfect fastener whether you’re fixing a misplaced hole, an oversized or need to complete a restoration on original apparatus (OEM), or repairing damaged threads.

They are the single-piece insert solids that are threaded internally and externally. , these inserts are often known by the shorthand “keysert,” as they provide a positive mechanical lock to prevent rotation caused by vibration or torsion. They are highly compatible and manageable to install with a standard drill or tap. You can quickly put or remove it without damaging the parent material.

Below are the key-locking inserts of four main styles.

  • Thin Wall: thin wall inserts are ideal for confined spaces as you will require less pull-out strength. Also, they have a smaller exterior thread size than the more typical heavy-duty inserts
  • Heavy duty: these thread inserts are compatible with most applications, especially for heavy-duty works, with a thick and heavy-duty thread wall. These thread inserts are perfect for applications where you remove the bolt and do a mating stud.
  • Extra Heavy Duty: the key lock insert is ideal for longer life, supplying greater pull-out strength and stability. They increase wall thickness and are perfect for materials with lower ultimate shear strength, allowing maximum pull. Extra Heavy Duty inserts have a greater external thread area without strength and integrity.
  • Solid: These inserts are perfect for moving improper holes, salvaging expensive castings, plugging holes, or filling in gaps that are too big.

How to Install Key Lock Insert

You need to follow some of the essential steps before inserting the critical locking insert.

  • First, drill out old thread through a standard drill.
  • With the standard tap, hit the new thread.
  • After this, screw the lock insert and, using an installation tool, thread it down until it’s resting slightly below the surface.
  • Finally, with the help of a hammer position, the installation tool will help align with the keys and ensure secure the installation.

These installations are effortless and compatible and do not need an experienced person or more knowledge s they can quickly be done.

Benefits of Key Lock Insert

Here are some benefits of lock insert as they are highly beneficial and help in various applications such as:

  • They are straightforward to install.
  • The critical insert are highly versatile and are highly durable
  • They quickly repair damaged threads
  • These high-tech designs insert pre-assembled key locks without any difficulty.
  • It removes rotation and vibration even in heavy-duty applications.

Uses of the Key Lock Insert Tool

It is highly versatile in is applicable for any application as it provides a high standard insert. It is appropriate for many applications like reinforcing softener materials, including cold-rolled steel, cast iron, magnesium, aluminum, and even plastic.

Moreover, they are also capable of multiple purposes, like trucking, molds, RVs, tool and die, heavy machinery, and small engines.

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