A helical wire thread insert is a coiled wire insert that mainly serves as a thread repair solution for plenty of applications. It makes inward screw strings for tolerating a clasp. We offer a helical supplement with a more extensive breadth making a free from danger application that holds locking force more than a few congregations.

This product is quite beneficial for permanent threading, and suitable for different temperature conditions. Also, it provides a convenient way to repair insecure threads with materials including; aluminum, wood, plastic, magnesium, and zinc.

It’s not necessary to take professional assistance of any helical wire thread supplier, or installation expert all time, you can do it yourself as well. For your convenience, here I am going to guide how to install the Helicoil thread.

DIY Guide to Installing Helicoil Thread

Also known as EZ coil, all are the same by the end of the day. However, you’ll install that into a chunk of stainless steel, so let’s get started;

Get an EZ coil kit, you’ll get all directions on the backside telling how to install a Helicoil. Then, you have a thread repair kit, take out all inserts. Get a tap, set tool, and Helicoil. There would be a piece of a bent coil on each side, this is the tool that sets it.

It has a little groove in the center of this tool which you can easily see. That little bent piece from the Helicoil goes on the bottom of the tool. You’re going to have to be about 3/8 of an inch deeper to repair thread to have the room to set coil in there because at the end, you’ll have to take a hammer and you have to bang the head to get rid of that piece

So, if it’s a spark plug or a bolt that has to go through, that Tang is going to prevent the bolt from going through. Now you have your punch and drill bit. Let me tell one more thing, on a ¼” -20 x 1.5D, now what does it mean? This means the length is 1.5; it’s one and half times the diameter of Helicoil. This should be 0.375 in length, and this is because the diameter is ¼ in. so 0.375 would be the length which is one and a half times the diameter.

Typically, they’re either one time the diameter, so ¼” long, one and half times the diameter which would be 0.375, or two times the diameter and typically longest you’ll ever get in a Helicoil. In that case, it would be half-inch long overall.

If you get helicoil and measure it, it’s goping to be smaller in length. Which they’re quoting as 1.5 times, which is 0.375 long is not for when it’s compressed, but when its installed

Installing Directions

Step 1 – Get your pre-loaded punch, and punch a hole or starting point for drilling

Step 2 – Drill the hole

Step 3 – tap the hole

Step 4 – Install the Helicoil. Now, take the helicoil, put the tang over the tool, and start sctrewing it in. apply pressure as much as you can that it gets down about 2 turns from the top of the whole.

Step 5 – Once they’re in there, it’s hard to back it off. Take your hammer, and hit it.

Step 6 – It gets Broke off, now take your ¼” -20 hex cap screw and thread that in

The helicoil is installed finally!

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