When it comes to installing tapping inserts, or self-tapping thread inserts, then it’s an eighth steps procedure; four steps in installing by hand, and four steps in installing via drilling. So let’s discuss both installing methods.

I am certain, after reading this post, installing tapping inserts will become much easier for you at home, so let’s get started.

Two-Way Installation Method of Self – Tapping Inserts;


Installing by Hand


  1. Drilling – Drill out a hole with a core drill. Or, you can countersink the hole if you find it necessary. The thread must be pre-tapped, at least intermediate tap by using hard and tough materials.


  1. Screw Threaded Insert into The Installation Tool – Screw the thread insert into installation tool using slot or hole downwards, and key lock insert in place with lock nut using a spanner


  1. Screw-in The Thread Insert – Screw the thread insert into the hole, by the way,the thread insert cuts its thread. However, the installation tool has ¼ inch hexagon spigot which can be driven by a cordless driver, ratchet, and socket, etc.


  1. Screw-Out Installation Tool – Now, start losing lock nuts using spanner, and screw the installation tool out. The thread inserts become more wear resistant, more durable, and vibrant resistant than original thread.

Installation by Machine

  1. Drilling – When we install tapping insert via machine, then primary step is to drill out old hole with a core drill. Again, countersink the borehole if you find it necessary. By hard and tough material, the thread has to be pre-tapped.


  1. Machine Setting & Positioning – In this step, position the work-piece under the machine. Set the machine to the screw in depth. Turn the outer sleeve so that the stop pin makes contact and carries the sleeve when screwing in begins.


Next, screw the threaded insert in two to four turns into a threaded pin


  1. Screw-In the Threaded Insert – Let the machine run until the tapping insert gets screwed into a work-piece. Then gently insert the tool to work-piece down, so you can prevent any damage or breaking thread insert, or installation tool


  1. Screw the Tool Out – Set the machine into reverse. The outer sleeve is carried by a stop pin and counters the thread insert.


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