The Helicoil or helical wire is non-roundabout with an overall cross-sectional shape with a direction that helically changes along the wire length. It is mostly utilized for spikes, strung nails, substantial support, and nonskid gratings, and so forth

The helical wires from the helical wire thread supplier are utilized for reestablishing tapped openings for all time, which frequently gets harmed or stripped due to over-forcing. The enhancements are precisely outlined twists of incredibly hard gem-shaped wire.

Helicoil is stronger, but only if fitted well. It has been often seen that it didn’t fit well, and thus torque down by even expert installers. However, a helical wire has been in use and is widely demanded for a long time for its incredible function, and versatile use provided that it’s properly installed and torqued to specification without incident.

Main Function of Helical Wire

The helical wire is helpful for permanent threading and is also versatile to use for varying temperature conditions. Also, it provides the best way to repair insecure threads using materials like; wood, aluminum, plastic, magnesium, and zinc.

For drilling Helical wire, or inserts; you just need to drill the hole, tap it. After this, thread the insert into a hole using the installation tool. If you’re going to add a prong, split the prong using a punch or cut the instrument.

A helical wire thread insert is a coiled wire insert that mainly serves as a thread repair solution for plenty of applications. It makes internal screw strings for enduring a fasten.. We offer a helical supplement with a more extensive breadth making a free from any danger application that holds locking force more than a few congregations.

Main Designs of Helical Wire / Coil Designs

The helical coil or wire comes in four different designs;

Tanged free-running coil: A stainless steel coil designed to prevent corrosion. This coil is widely used for the quick repairing of damaged threads. These helical coil types fulfill all requirements for aerospace and military applications.

Tang-free free-running coils: This one is almost similar to the tanged free-running coils, the only difference is, there’s no tang at the bottom. Rather, it uses a specific insert-driven notch for screw-in installation. This eradicates any need of removing tang before inserting the bolt.

Tanged screw lock coils: the tanged screw lock coil involves a straight segment in a coil that is outwardly flexed, this creates pressure on a bolt, holding force to get the bolt set up. The loop is intended to augment the contact region by applying pressure between the flanks of the intense string, making it particularly solid in applications where there is a great deal of vibration.

Without tang screw lock loops: These have a similar plan as the tanged screw lock helical curls, yet rather than a tang, they utilize a driving score for establishment.

How to install a helical wire thread?

Installing helical wire thread is just a four-step work;

Step 1 – drilling hole first

Step 2 – Tap the drilled hole for creating threads

Step 3 – load an addition into a hand establishment apparatus and introduce

Step 4 – break off the tang instrument. Your opening is currently prepared for secure, and perpetual joining.

Main Perks of Using Helical Wire

The most striking advantage of using helical wire due to which it is widely demanded by leading engineers worldwide is, it helps in repairing or reinforcing screw threads in soft alloy components. It also ensures high-strength threads which help in transferring forces from flank to flank into holding a thread

Besides, Helicoil is quite affordable as compared to other required wires, and thread inserts.

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